This game is a work in progress.

A action platformer in which you play as characters who possess super speed and other powers.


Please note that the web version of this game is not optimized and this game runs best in the downloadable build below.

Also the bonus missions aren't available yet as they haven't been finished. You can see them on the level select screen but you can't attempt them just yet. The buttons are disabled for now.

This game is best experienced with a gamepad. In addition to keyboards, it supports PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 controllers.

Project Radical Adventure (working title) is an action platformer in which you play as characters who have super speed and other abilities. Run on walls, run through loops, and boost through enemies as you make your way to the finish line.

The controls are as follows (Keyboard / PS4 / Xbox):

  • Run - WASD / Left joystick / Left joystick
  • Jump - Space / X / A
  • Attack - Left Shift / Square / X
  • Talk to NPC - E / Triangle / Y
  • Rotate camera - Left & right arrow keys / L2 & R2 / LT & RT / Right joystick
  • Bring up menu - Esc / Options / Start


Download 137 MB
Download 109 MB

Development log


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nice game! i found the secret area,and its better that some sonic games.If you what test my game


Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it :) I'll be sure to check them out.